it’s time!

studio waterstone blog

for summer veggies.  well, time to PLANT summer veggies.

studio waterstone blog

studio waterstone blog

studio waterstone blog

in pots for just a bit.  until it’s REALLY time…before it’ll REALLY be time.

studio waterstone blog

studio waterstone blog

studio waterstone blog

tomatoes, squash, cucumber, peppers, canteloupe, sweet potatoes & we’re trying watermelon.
yep.  that just about does it.

studio waterstone blog

Sophie says hi.


guess where i went today?

But first be sure and snag a free April Desktop Calendar from the sidebar!

studio waterstone handbags

Finished the dreaded t-a-x-e-s!  Hesitantly entered the studio.  
Said, “Hello handsome.  Did you miss me?” (to the studio)

studio waterstone handbags


studio waterstone handbags

iPad cases

studio waterstone handbags


a new tote that I love.
Shop sees a light at the end of the tunnel.

inspire me monday – and a gift for you

All the signs point to spring around here.  Yet, it still shocks me that April is upon us.  To celebrate, I’ve decided to create two different desktop calendars – a gift from me to you.  One is nicely grungy and the other a little more colorful.  
Just pick the one you’d like and give it a click.  Then save the larger image from Google Docs to your computer and add it to your desktop – it’s as easy as that.
Now go and have yourself a springy, glorious week.

i heart macro

studio waterstone i heart macro photography
My guess is that regular readers are getting sick of hearing that I’m working on taxes this week.
Believe me, I’m getting sick of it, too.
Moving on.


I found a great article over at Digital Photography School called:
Macro Photography Tips for Digital Point and Shoot Cameras
Check it out.


Last week’s sweetly clickable macro pic is…

…this beautiful blue bird’s egg submitted by Marianna of Pretty Shiny Things
Love this, Marianna!


It’s time for “I Heart Macro” slash “I Heart Close Ups: Up Close Photography for Macro Makers and the Camerologically Challenged”. Join me by blogging your up close/macro picture of the week. Grab the button* to show that you’re participating and link up here. Then be sure to visit other participants and spread the macro love.

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*Instructions for grabbing a button*

Copy the code shown above. Go to your blogger and instead of using the “compose” tab, click on the “edit html” tab. Paste the code you’ve just copied. Then switch back to the “compose” tab and you’ll magically see the button! Finish your post, publish and you are done. Easy peasy.

tgif and just in case


Since returning to Atlanta early in the week, I haven’t even allowed myself time in the studio. Truly, my young adult, college attending kiddos do a fabulous job of house-minding. Cleaning is another story. Oh. My. Gosh.


AND I’m allowing no time for fun-ness because I’m on a seriously, procrastinated induced path to finishing the taxes. So not left brained. So distracted with every beat of my heart.


So, just in case you (like me) need a little chuckle, a little (just a little) pick-me-up as the week winds down, I give you this lovely little watercolor print, given to me by dear friends. Apparently, they immediately thought of me when they saw it. Anyway…


“Same sheet – different day!”
Have a grand Friday and an even grander weekend.

my sketchbook – birds of a feather


A couple of weeks ago I showed you the early stages of this sketch and I finished it while in Ohio. I hope you like it. But don’t fly away, I have a question (or two) for you at the end.








I’ve had quite a few folks ask if I would consider selling my artwork. To be honest, I would be terribly honored and thrilled. I did a series of limited edition prints in the 90’s but at that time it was a long, expensive process. I’ve heard that it’s not as difficult now and prints can be offered at a much lower price point than before.
I would like to know if it’s worth diving deeper in to find the best options for offering prints or printable copies. If you’d feel more comfy, please leave an anonymous comment with your opinion. So here goes (I’m kinda scared to ask these questions)…
What’s your opinion?
Would you have an interest in actually purchasing prints?

If you have any knowledge of the printing process
or if you’ve purchased prints in the past…

Please let me know what form of print you received – was it actually mailed or were you given the option to print a high resolution image?

Thank you so, so much for your time and opinions.

home is where the studio is


Or is it? I returned “home” last night after an exhausting 9 hour drive and it seems that I’ve grown discombobulated. Home is now in two different places and each time I arrive at a destination, it doesn’t feel like home if I’m not with my other half. Know what I mean?
At any rate, I’m at the original location which houses my permanent studio and THAT I’m happy about. I missed all of my things. Seems that you can’t take it all with you when you go – believe me, I’ve tried.


But enough about me. Let’s talk bags.


I’m ready to work on new ideas which will be lighter and more airy – like the season – with a touch of leather for good measure. For those of you who are looking for full leather, it’ll be just a while longer.


I’m excited to carry on with all of those ideas bursting to be free from my sketchbook.
Can’t WAIT to share them with you. Soon.
Have a wonderful day. Create.