New Linen Bracelet…How To

I am in the process of making LOTS of linen bracelets and thought you may be interested in seeing the process. Each one that I make is completely different. I add different gemstones, accent beads, charms, etc. I tie each one differently. The point is that you should have fun and experiment. This is just one example.
For this bracelet, I am using three strands of dark brown waxed linen cord. If you are making alot of knots, you will want to account for that in the length. A safe bet is to cut off approximately 20-22 inches. I have accumulated several little piles of carnelian, stabilized turquoise, amazonite and citrine.

I like to use button toggles and decided on this rectangular shaped button. I thread the cord through the button holes and tie knots on both sides, pulling tight.
After that I begin knotting and adding stones and beads at different intervals to balance the bracelet. I am adding a silver peace charm and decided upon a copper link, which I sanded, hammered then wrapped with copper wire and hammered again before threading all three cords through the loop.

Continue adding and knotting remembering to make sure that the weight of the stones are evenly distributed along the bracelet. I hate bracelets that are heavy on one end. I guess that’s probably a personal thing, but I like my bracelets balanced.
I finally reach about 6.5 inches in length and knot all three cords. At that point I will braid tightly about 3-4 inches to allow for a loop at the end. The loop will add approximately 1 inch making the bracelet a standard 7.5 inches.
The finished product. Pretty nice, huh?
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