Normal life and cameras

My kids are safely back from Virginia. I missed them tremendously and was ready to send them back within one hour of their return. How does that happen? Anyway, we are glad they both had a blast, are back, and life is returning to normal, whatever that is.

My daughter took her camera to Virginia. (She returned with over 850 photos which is one reason I am heading out to purchase an external hard drive. But that’s another topic.) I missed that stupid camera. I can’t believe that about three years ago I researched and purchased a Canon for around $350.00. This camera had it all, and is still great for general photography. But the little, pocket Canon that my daughter received for Christmas a year ago is SO much better at taking macro shots! That camera cost half what I spent of the first. I’m glad to have the camera back as I have new pieces to photograph.
I give thanks today for so many things, two of which are my kids and that stupid camera – not necessarily in that order.

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