Wine and Roses – Cheap Wine & Sad Roses

My husband and I have never been big gift givers – not with one another anyway. Except for the category of gift-giver, he is the perfect, loving, giving companion. With this thought in mind, I picked up a dozen peach baby roses (is that what they’re called?) on Valentines Day as I was picking up a case of Three Buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s (read on for more information on this premium wine).
When I brought the roses home, I put them into the vase along with the little packet that comes in the bundle. They were all upright and lovely. Next morning, this is what we got. Half of the roses were completely droopy and very sad looking. The other half – still beautiful. What gives? Is it possible that little gnomes or elves came out after we went to bed and maliciously broke half of my roses?

As for the wine. I love to have a glass of wine every night. Even more importantly, I cherish the fact that it’s actually good for me. Someone told us that the Charles Shaw wine is really pretty good. Charles Shaw is more widely known as “Two or 3 Buck Chuck”, depending on what part of the country you occupy, and is only available at Trader Joe’s. If you’re lucky enough to have one nearby and enjoy wine, TRY IT! You can’t go wrong.
Any Three Buck Chuck fans out there?

2 thoughts on “Wine and Roses – Cheap Wine & Sad Roses

  1. I don’t know what happened to your roses, but I’m a HUGE fan of Trader Joe’s!! I often pick up fresh flowers there, too.Alas, alcohol (including wine) can only be sold in our state in liquor stores, so I’ve never seen Three Buck Chuck at our TJ’s. Anyway, I can’t drink wine anymore because of CFS (alcohol makes blood vessels dilate, making OI much worse). 😦 so sad.Enjoy your wine and flowers!Sue

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