Oi, I’ve been tagged.

I received a delightful tag from Urban Design yesterday asking for 7 random facts.

Well let’s see…okay, here we go:
1. My left pinkie finger is actually more of a claw, the result of running through the house with my little brother and a slamming door. Very handy for lectures and subsequent terrorizing of small children on the topic of “look what happens when you run through the house and slam doors”.
2. I will eat practically any food except oysters. Blah, slimy little things.
3. I have a serious desire to play the banjo, which freaks my kids to no end.
4. I would much rather wear a pair of jeans and a tee as opposed to dressing up. If my hubby and I go on a “date”, we go some place casual, always.
5. I LOVE Pride & Prejudice. Don’t care if it’s the book, BBC 6-hour version or the any other version.
6. I sneeze like a hearing impaired old man. My husband cringes when I sneeze.
7. After my kids and pets, apparently I will grab my laptop in the event of a tornado; this fact was unknown even to me until just this week.
Okay, that’s the embarrassing list for today.
I’m tagging:
You need to list 7 random facts about yourself. Then tag 5 people.

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