Her Only Reply Was, "It’s Nice But It Sure is Tan!"

Okay, I’m into this decorating thing and I know at least some of the rules. First and cheapest in my book is to use paint. You say, “You want to paint, then paint!” Not so easy. Not only are the walls khaki and tan, the ceilings are khaki and tan as well. Honey, I can paint walls, but I don’t do ceilings. Allow me to explain.

When we first moved in, our daughter wanted to have her room painted. Stupidly, we replied, “Certainly honey. Pick a color.” We walked into her room, looked up and realized that the color we will paint on the walls will look truly horrendous with a khaki ceiling which runs throughout the ENTIRE HOUSE! From that moment on, a long stream of curse words poured from my husband’s mouth as he struggled to paint her ceiling white. End result, I need to decorate as much as possible without painting, unless a khaki ceiling coordinates with the wall color. And I want a serious dose of color before I go into a khaki coma.

One more thing to note before beginning. I’m cheap. It’s in my blood. If there is a way to decorate on the cheap, I will find it. All that blather about having a credit card and not being afraid to use it was, well, blather. Goodwill is my best friend. You will take one look at my pictures and say, “Girlfriend, take thee to a furniture store!” In my book, that would be only after I have tried everything else and surrendered.
Shall we begin? We’ll start with something easy like the dining room (insert evil laugh.) We have, of course, khaki walls and a khaki ceiling. I have a beautiful glass top/wrought iron bottom dining table that fits the room perfectly and six chairs to go along.

The sideboard was made from an old, homemade bookshelf that we were going to throw out. I decided to turn it on it’s side, add a shelf, legs and a fitted tablecloth. It became a sideboard. In this new house, we have wainscoting 2/3 up the walls which made that little sideboard look even more pitiful and stunted than it already was. So last week, I went to Home Depot and purchased 16″ legs. Voila, we ended up with a taller sideboard which fit the space fairly well. This will have to suffice until I find the PERFECT antique sideboard which will magically appear one day as I walk into my local thrift/Goodwill store.

Sad Sideboard, with longer legs added

Our Sad Little Homemade Sideboard
Great storage though!
I am a handy little seamstress, so I can and will make it all. I am a handy little artist, so any artwork will be produced by me.
At this point, my mind goes entirely blank. Therefore, the forum has been opened and opinions and suggestions are greatly welcome and encouraged. PLEASE HELP!

5 thoughts on “Her Only Reply Was, "It’s Nice But It Sure is Tan!"

  1. LOL – my livingrooom walls are khaki & dooky brown! I kid you not and I loooove them. The ceiling though is white adds height. My close friend painted them and I would never have choosen the colors in a million years – but they work!!! Everytime someone walks in my house they comment on the great colors. From what I can see it looks great!! I think it's looking wonderful!!! Sarah

  2. I think it looks great and I love the sideboard. I have always wanted to paint at least one wall a totally different color but haven't done it. The closest…I painted all white walls and trim my woodwork, doors & door frames in tan…turned out pretty nice.

  3. My dining room is red with white wainscotting, and that would go with khaki, kind of a Ralph Lauren woodsy look to go with the plaid on your sideboard. I also sewed my curtains (even added a tassel!) but picked up lots of other decorative items from either Marshall’s or Tuesday Morning.

  4. Nice idea for the red! I’m not keeping the plaid tablecloth. First it’s now too short and secondly, I hate it. So there. Thanks for the advise. TJMaxx and Marshalls are two of my bestest friends.

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