May’s Simply Fantastic Giveaway!

It’s time!

Short and sweet…You’ve only got a week!

This sucker ends on June 1st.

As they say, better late than never.

Kicking off summer, I’ve got a fun pair of stabilized turquoise ovals and tiny faceted

smokey quartz earrings with handmade sterling wires.

Okay, so what do I have to do to be entered?

To be entered for May,

you will simply need to leave a comment on this post – preferably nice.

You can’t blame me.

It kinda takes the fun out of adding your name to the list if you’ve just trashed my stuff.

Have a great week people!


16 thoughts on “May’s Simply Fantastic Giveaway!

  1. Oh I loooove them – I adore turquoise!! Beautiful!! Add me please!!OK who trashed you work and I’ll go give them a visit!!!??? Geesh!! Some people! Sarah

  2. I just received your email about your wonderful May giveaway so here I am!! Turquoise has always been my favorite natural stone, there is something so classic, casual and carefree about turquoise and wearing turquoise jewelry fits into my own sense of personal style and the look I want to portray to others! These earrings that you have created are simple, yet elegant, and are so versatile in that you can enjoy wearing them with literally anything! I would wearing them all the time! I hope you are enjoying this Memorial Day Weekend and thank you so much for the chance to

  3. Hi Lori! Welcome back! I’ve been very inactive w/ my blog, too…I LOVE these earrings. The smoky quartz is a great complement to the turquoise. A subtle difference that sets these apart from other pieces. I’d love to wear these!!!

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