This Is How The Rich And Famous Do It

I’m talking about jet-setting and actually I have no earthly idea how they do it.
If you are reading this and you know how they keep it up without losing it,
please fill me in on the secret.
Tomorrow we leave for yet another road trip. I do have “idiot” stamped across my forehead.
Only two weeks into the summer and I’ve already been reduced to an exhausted and
well-traveled (in the worst sense) female.
Of course, you know,
the rich and famous have their entourages and travel in first class. I’ll just bet that they have someone to pack for them and take care of their pets. Of course, they don’t have to run to the bank, grocery story (to feed hubby, who has been left alone), drug store,
and vet to board the pup, etc.
Oh yeah, maybe that’s it. They’re RICH and famous and I’m not.
On the road again…

5 thoughts on “This Is How The Rich And Famous Do It

  1. It is a lot of work getting ready, but my family and I really love our road trips. We leave on Sunday for 3 weeks. I can't wait to be pulling out of the driveway, with nothing to do or worry about for 3 weeks! But, first, there's this huge to-do list to get through…Where are you headed? Hope you have a great time!Sue

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