Getting There

Remember the dining room that I was stressing over? Well, I’m still stressing over a staple gun that seems to be hiding from me. But I did finish the drapes and I’m so happy with the color they’ve added to the room.
I’ve only been able to drape the fabric over the chairs until the staple gun shows it’s dirty face, but this gives me an idea of how it will look.
I’ll need some colorful flowers to put in the other vase.
Notice the vase on the table with the wine corks? Yep, they’re all mine! Hee Hee
Still haven’t hung the pictures. To be an artist,
it’s amazing that hanging pictures totally overwhelms me.

My homemade side board still looks like a communion table. I’m on the hunt for a used china cabinet to paint, maybe pale yellow, and antique. Until then, every time we walk into the dining room, we’ll expect wine and wafers.

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