Antiquing Part II (Or Is It Junking?)

More treasures from our recent Saturday adventure.
Guess what this is…

When I was a little girl I, very unwillingly, accompanied mom to the ladies gym. Back then, they didn’t really exercise. They would just hook their bodies to these freaky machines and somehow, I suppose by the grace of God, they ended up losing weight! Or did they?
You take wide strap and wrap it around your waist, stand completely still and turn the machine on. The strap would jiggle your waist. Every time I think of this machine, I visualize a woman from the 60’s, with a martini in her hand, standing still and jiggling away. Now that’s my kind of exercising!
Do you know what this is?
According to my hubby, it’s a handmade cigar press.
Looking for a slimming summer frock?
With a fruity hat to match?
Great leather chair and ottoman for $200!
Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Antiquing Part II (Or Is It Junking?)

  1. oh that "exercise" machine is too funny! the weird thing, i saw something on an infomercial a couple of years ago, that was a mini modern version of that (a belt you wear that jiggled)… so weird. i think most of us can agree if it didn't work then, it won't work now! haha

  2. My grandparents had one of those!! The only way I think it could work is through resistance…if you'd let it just jiggle you(haha)you'd fall over….so perhaps you'd use your core to keep from falling over.

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