Found it! What to do? Oh, what to do?

Hubby and I headed out antiquing/junking again this morning (after his morning bike ride and my lazy coffee). Guess what? I’ll bet you already know as the title gave it away. We found it! What, you ask? The china cabinet we’ve been searching for. Isn’t it cool?

Here’s the hitch…

I’m willing to gamble on the price. Right now it’s $1,200. On June 29th it goes to $1025. On July 29th it goes to $925 and on August 29th it will go for an all-time stealer price of $825! Egad, things like that make me nervous. See, $1,200 was really more than I was hoping to spend. I was looking more in the $300 range. Tee hee – very likely, right?
It’s perfect. What would you do?
Here are a few others we came across…
$1999.00 ouch…
Not quite what we’re looking for, but nice all the same…
Another cursed leather chair and ottoman. What is it with men and leather?
So, would you hold out and gamble?

10 thoughts on “Found it! What to do? Oh, what to do?

  1. Well, being that I've been in the business I'd ask the store to make you the $899 deal now. Tell them you've seen a couple you like, but thought you'd make the offer now. See what they say. It never hurts to ask. Also, have you tried Craigslist?

  2. Hi! I saw that you were following me on Twitter, so I came to look at your blog and Etsy…Beautiful and amazing work!! I am in love with your style and jewelry! I am now a follower here as well! Have a wonderful week ahead!Hugs to you,~Victoria~

  3. what a gorgeous piece. i agree with RavenWren, it can't hurt to ask! if they don't go for it, i think i would keep looking and wait. you never know – either something even better or just as gorgeous will turn up or it was ment to be yours for $825. it's a tough one ( but definitely ask to get the deal now). I will keep my fingers crossed :-)!

  4. oh WOW that's gorgeous!i'm not one to gamble, but i think that ravenwren's suggestions is a definite notion to check out – the worst they can say is no (or haggle.. but haggling never hurt anyone!)

  5. Gamble!I once got one with a huge green mark on the from for super cheap. I got it home and the mark came right off with paint cleaner and it looked brand new again.BTW, LOVE that leather ottoman and chair combo. it rocks.

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