New Studios and Old Studios and Settling In…

Recognize this picture? It’s the full-sized version of my banner and I’ve always wanted to talk about it. Today is a good day to do that.
This is actually my previous studio in Virginia. It had a view of the Blue Ridge Parkway and it was the top story (really, I guess, the attic space) of a separate garage on our property. Hubby and son used the downstairs to store our tractor, bikes and house their “get away from the house” bike shop. From the very first time I walked onto that property, I knew we would have it. It was in my heart immediately. It will always be in my heart.
My space was completely unfinished with plywood floors. I acquired as many flat sheets as I could and stapled them to wood beams to create interior walls. I found old oriental rugs to cover the plywood floors. I used old, VERY old, furniture and shelves to house supplies and displays. During the fair-weather months, both doors were thrown open wide to create a breeze.
This picture shows one of the door locks. See the name? Yep, it was meant to be mine.

This is my new studio. It’s a great room with terrific light. I really want to work with it to give it a degree of personality, my personality. Don’t you want to put a stamp on your own space? That’s what I’m looking to do here.
Right now, it’s a bit blah…
Being a visual person, I crave inspiration by researching and studying studios on the internet, in magazines, and books. Here are a few:
Please, do tell…
Do you have a creative space?
What do you look to for inspiration?

5 thoughts on “New Studios and Old Studios and Settling In…

  1. Wonderful studio!Mine was overthrown by family moving in with me. All crammed nto my office, but I have been working on easy ways to access my items. I have pictures ready. Maybe I should blog about it today too :-)

  2. I love your space and I have to admit im a little jelous. I get the kitchen table to work on…Soon one of my roomates will be moving out and I get a room… sooooo exited. I just posted a picture of my workspace…I swear its good for a laugh. But im not complaining, it gets the job done…lol

  3. Beautiful work space!!!My workshop is in a spare bedroom. It now houses my computer and all of my "stuff", plus 2 tables to work at. It isn't ideal, but it's mine. The walls are a very pale green with a mossy green sponge painted on it. The trim and doors are all white. There are some pictures hanging on the walls from our wedding….left over from when it was a bedroom, but I like them there. I would love to have more shelves, but no time for that right now. I love my space and spend almost every waking moment here. 🙂

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