Studio Organization & Storage Solutions, Part II

Studio organization continued today. It feels so darned good to purge! I really didn’t do much as far as the room layout. However, I was thrilled that my daughter wanted to trade two cumbersome cabinets for one tall, open bookcase. Included here are a few snapshots of the progress so far as well as storage tips.
I do want to make curtains or some sort of window treatment for color. Luckily, I found a rod at a thrift shop for only a few bucks, so now the only thing that awaits is for me to plant my butt in the chair and proceed with the sewing.
If you have an old easel, add it to a corner.
It helps to remind me to finish that painting!
Bookcase with LOTS of baskets for prettier storage…
Notice the cork boards in the back used with large clips & baggies,
then hung onto thumbtacks. Great for storing small items.
I’ve used a Pente gameboard to house loose gemstones…
Jars are always great for pretty, inexpensive storage…
Don’t forget the personal touches. My dad, who was forever encouraging my artist endeavors always wanted to paint. After he retired he only made it as far as a paint-by-number set, which I cherish today.
Gumby? Don’t know, I just love him. 🙂
As you may know, gobbing is one of my favorite activities.
Not on myself, on the bust.
Find old used displays in thrift stores to add great character to your space…
In addition to the curtains, I’m planning to make a skirt for the lower portion of the workbench to hide all of the yucky stuff. It’s very easy, just attach the entire thing with peel & stick velcro…
Until next time…
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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