Your Favorite Time of Day

Happy Saturday to you.

As I sit, catching up on my favorite blogs and discovering new ones, I find myself thinking that this is my favorite time of day – that brief amount of “alone” time before the madness begins. When it’s cooler outside, allowing the doors to be thrown open and the animals to happily roam onto the screened porch. It’s when I sit finishing my coffee, planning the day ahead.

What is your favorite time of day?

2 thoughts on “Your Favorite Time of Day

  1. Like you i believe… Early in the morning, when the sun just open his eye, when the sky is a wonderful gradation of dark and pale blue. Nobody outside, except lovely cats. Time to see around the garden for new flowers. Time to listen to the sound of silence…xox

  2. I am such a morning person…that is definitely my favorite time of day. The next would have to be when I sit propped up on a bunch of pillows in my comfy bed at night to read or doodle or do word puzzles.

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