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waterstone artisan handbags & jewelry lori plyler

Evolution is not a strange concept for artists. Why? Because we are in a constant state of change. My website, blog, and Etsy banner are forever being altered and reexamined. Change and evolution are a good things and if I’ve learned one thing along the way, it’s to simplify. simplify. simplify.
waterstone artisan handbags & jewelry lori plyler
So here’s my question for you. What’s the one thing about blogging, website design, etc. you’ve learned along the way? I would love to have your input and comments. Along with that, I’m including a link option to link your website or blog for everyone to see.
I recently had the opportunity to have this blog critiqued and loved the experience. Don’t be shy. Comment and let me see what you’ve got. I’d love to visit.


7 thoughts on “websites & blogs – share yours

  1. Oh… what I've learned. There's a lot of netiquette involved in blogging – tread carefully! Treat others as you would like to be treated – the same reciprocity rules you live by outside the bloggy world apply here, too!In terms of design, I'm still learning, but I've found that centering is quite pleasing to the eye. I've recently learned how to created a blog button – visit and search for the article "How to Add a Blog Button with Text Box Underneath for Code."I can't wait to read the other tips!

  2. Nice point, Debbie. I've visited well designed blogs and then gotten their comments and thought to myself, "ughhh". There's something to be said for being nice!I NEED to do a blog button. And I'm absolutely anal about balance – to the point of obsession.

  3. my main tip is what you've already pointed out – SIMPLIFY!My 88 grandpa was recently able to order a bracelet from my website for his sister and was impressed at how easy it was, it's all very well having a great looking site but if it is too complicated customers will go elsewhere!can't really comment on blogging as I am very new to it 🙂

  4. What have I learned along the way? Well I'm with you when it comes to simplifying. My website and blog aren't looking the way I want them to and I'm working on it (building something new). I feel that the look is important, not just to visitors but also to myself as I'm trying to build my own 'home' online. It needs to reflect who I am, and it doesn't at the moment…Oh and I've learned to not *just* read blogs, but to actually comment on them as well, haha. I used to be an avid reader, but I rarely commented. Now I do. Julia /

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