love that tutorial

I hope your week is beginning to chug along nicely. The studio here is buzzing with activity as I struggle to finish work on five new crossbody handbags. It’s so busy, in fact, that I’m sending you somewhere else. Yep, you heard that right. But you’ll thank me after you visit. So fret not.

The Purl Bee discovery was a sweetly serendipitous moment as I was attempting my first handbag and needed to brush up on embroidery. The color and pictures alone get my creative juices flowing. Some day, if the redecorating bug bites, I’m making a set of pillows just like this…

studio waterstone

The Good Life. It just sounds like a happy place, don’t you think? Sarah is a wellspring of fantastic tutorials. And if you’re a fan of Anthropologie, you’ll flip over her entire section of Anthro DIYs. I’m highlighting two today. One is for a delicious pleated dress made from an old skirt (you’ll do a double take) and the other is an amazing tee.

studio waterstone


studio waterstone

Doesn’t it make you want to run out and find the nearest pleated skirt?

Oh and that necklace she’s wearing? There’s a tutorial for that, too.


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