Loving the sweet weekend my family had with wonderful friends. We laughed more than you could imagine – medicine for the soul. Add to that: eating, biking, playing cards, watching old movies, and shopping. But not all at once.

Loving this week, too. On Thursday we’re back with Featuring Studio Spaces! This week we’re talking with Janet of Singing Woods. And tomorrow I’m HOPING to bring you a new tutorial that is in my mind. I just need to apply that thought today and send it out to you.

Loving a few great macro shots from yesterday


Kathy from Corilu Designs

Miranda from Fragile Photo

I thought that each Monday I’d start highlighting a few shots from the weekend.
Hope you enjoy them. Be sure to join us this coming Sunday for I Heart Macro.

Have a peaceful Monday.


4 thoughts on “loving

  1. I'm visiting from Cindys Blog and I am so thrilled to find this wonderful blog.I love taking pictures too..not sure Im any good at it,but its a joy and I love it anyway.Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing such amazing pics!!Warmest Regards,Cat

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