the gauntlet

studio waterstone diy tutorial

It’s happened. I’m throwing down the gauntlet. A few commented that the skirt into a dress wouldn’t work for you. A few of you were excited about the prospect. I am here to tell you that this theory design creation fantastic idea will work on anyone, no matter your age or size. (Remember you can belt it and add a jacket)

And so I ask Wednesday’s Earth Shattering, Life or Death Question: Are you up for the challenge? Are you daring enough to BOLDLY walk into that closet (or Goodwill) and pull that skirt northward???

So, are you in? Photograph said dress and send it to me by this Sunday night. I will post the pictures (or not if you’d prefer, just specify). Let me know if you’ll do this so I’ll have a count. Since my model, the one who would look good in a potato sack, wore the original dress, I will participate myself.

But wait…

THERE’S A PRIZE!! I’m upping the ante. I’m creating a separate post on Monday the 6th with your pictures and will take votes beginning Monday through Sunday the 12th. You can’t vote for yourself (but you can campaign!) and the winner gets a prize – a red suede clutch. So there. Are you in?

DETAILS: Send your photo by Sunday night, the 5th to: (if possible, send it as 675px width. if not possible, then just don’t send a small image. if you need assistance, let me know!)

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16 thoughts on “the gauntlet

  1. All my long skirts have become dresses this summer! Just like most of my long-sleeved T-shirts have been turned into cardigans. It's all about versatility, isn't it?

  2. LOL!!! I'm shaped like an apple and never wear dresses – I swear – just don't look good in them. Never mind my hair issues and the fact that after 2 weeks of looking I can't find my summer clothes which I thought I put in the attic.I have 3 t-shirts – no shorts and no sandals and no $$$ – should be a smacking summer. : P

  3. Ok, I'm in…I have to wait till Friday or so to get to goodwill. I will see if I can get a matching little 'sweater' or something… not sure I look good enough in the neck and shoulder area anymore at 51 :))) but I will try!!

  4. Ok, so I tried this with a great lime green and orange skirt. The only problem was, by the time I covered the top and the belted part you couldn't (didn't want to) see the dress part. and it looked like a skirt again! MUST LOOSE 20 lbs quick! Maybe I'll send a pic of it on a hanger. LOL!

  5. Whaaaaaahh!!!!I can't play!! I went to Goodwill and found nothing that would work…rats!! On the bright side…one less contestant to stand in the way of the others :))) Good luck everybody 🙂

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