oh vidalia!

studio waterstone

For those of you not from the south and not familiar with pure ecstasy of a homegrown, summer tomato and sweet vidalia onion, well, you just haven’t lived. Earlier this week, my friend Dennis, gifted farmer extraordinaire, delivered a large bag of just pulled vidalia onions and said there will be more on the way. Son, you don’t have to tell me twice. We’ve been enjoying these babies all week. When I speak of the various ways to prepare onions, I sound like Bubba in Forest Gump listing the varieties of shrimp.

Other random utterings:

The heat here in Georgia is miserable. Mr. Waterstone runs around all day complaining that the air conditioning isn’t working properly. This is the time of year I begin to recite, “Have I told you lately how much I love Georgia?”, over and over…and over.

We’re having our house painted and there is not one room, except for the interior bathroom (thank GOD) where I don’t feel watched by a strange man in a white uniform.

And this is important!

Please, please, please try this. You will be shocked. I promise on my huge stack of leather which, by the way, will be spitting out a rather sweet little red suede clutch as a reward to the brave lady who wins this challenge. Enter. You won’t regret. I have talked to people as they are in their closets hoisting that skirt northward and I’ve heard them cry in amazement as they belt it and say, “HEY! It looks great!” Do it. Take a picture and send it to me by this Sunday night. P.S. Send me the nicely sized picture at: loriplyler@me.com

That is all. Have a wonderful (TGI)Friday.

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15 thoughts on “oh vidalia!

  1. Vidalia's are so great they ship them up here – I could roll in them. In other news you'll be happy to know I apparently threw away or gave to Goodwill all of my summer clothes( even the sandals) – the only thing I have left is my fat to pull northward.I can't believe I did something so stupid…all I have left are 3 t-shirts I sleep in and a pair of shorts that don't fit. I could cry. It will be great sitting at the lake this summer….. : P

  2. Ohh going to buy some vidalias this weekend. I dont like people in the house like workman, maybe I watch too much cirme scene TV! But now a days strange ppl give me the creeps kinda. Patty what did you do you poor Baby! You will just have to get some more clothes!

  3. First – Vidalia Onion Casserole…laws, just thinking about it makes my mouth water.Second – I do not own a long skirt but I am dragging my fanny to Goodwill today to find one which I will drag up under my armpits, sash and send you a pic…maybe… if I don't look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy in drag.

  4. LOVE Vidalia Onions! And OH boy it's HOT here in Texas…just too hot. And humid. Yuck. I laughed so hard reading this post…Bubba listed at least 5 minutes worth of Shrimp varieties, which I found hilarious. Then reading about the strange men in white uniforms cracked me up to no end….and lastly, reading all the ladies comments finally had me shooting coffee through my nose I laughed so hard! Pillsbury Dough Boy in Drag? Oh my gosh. I loved this post and all the ladies comments have just made my whole Friday! Happy Weekend!! xo

  5. We love them vidalias too! They are the only onion my 5 year old will knowingly eat, because they're sweet onions ๐Ÿ˜‰ And that White Garbed Men Syndrome? Hate it too! gah. Thanks for the reminder on the challenge…must stop at thrift store later today! (If I'm brave enough ;))

  6. Okay so I tried the skirt thing and omg it was awful! I am almost a DDD and it pulled the front of the skirt so much higher than the back I looked like they forgot to finish the front of the dress. Not to mention that no strapless bra would hold them up to make the whole skirt/dress thing work. Ugh. I might have to find a long skirt to turn into a dress for my 2 year old daughter.

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