diy easy recycled cuff with endless possibilities

studio waterstone diy tutorial

Okay, so you know how I just LOVE to take things apart? Things like leather handbags and jackets? Many times when deconstructing handbags, I end up with something like the picture shown above.

studio waterstone diy tutorial

It’s the inside zipper and surrounding finished leather. Of course, I reuse the zipper. But those little leather thingies really perplexed me. Until now…

studio waterstone diy tutorial

studio waterstone diy tutorial
Punch or drill two holes in each end.
The edges are already perforated from the original stitching.

studio waterstone diy tutorial
Take leather or ribbon – about 15 inches long-ish.

studio waterstone diy tutorial
Thread it through the back of one side and lay the other end on top to bring the leather through.
OR…bring it through the back of both sides, side-by-side, and to the front. Then tie the leather.

studio waterstone diy tutorial

Ta-da. Easy or what? Just imagine what you could add into the perforated holes?
charms, stones, beads. You could use nicer leather and add beads to the tie ends.
The possibilities are endless.

Hope you were inspired.

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15 thoughts on “diy easy recycled cuff with endless possibilities

  1. so so great!!!!my son and i just made him a leather bracelet just by cutting an old belt up…and we were super happy with itthis is amazing and i'm totally inspired by it!!!thanks

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