a plethora of chotchkies

studio waterstone

Boy, it’s amazing how much stuff one amasses over time. Especially if one is an artsy scattered kind of person. Since cleaning out my studio, I’ve found that I have a plethora of chotchkies.

(Plethora of Chotchkies is my new favorite phrase. As in…
Anthropologie has a plethora of chotchkies!)

studio waterstone

I’m 100% positive that there’s another Studio Stoop Sale on the horizon.
But first, let’s have us a gander, shall we?

studio waterstone
PMC jewelry supplies

studio waterstone
I’m not selling this. I bought this Rapidograph set while in school with pennies saved.
It’s a classic.

studio waterstone

Okay, I’m a pack rat. Sue me.

studio waterstone
A stack of watercolor papers and palettes.

studio waterstone
Fun stuff.

studio waterstone
studio waterstone
Fun kid stuff. Uh oh. The inspiration monster is about to strike.

studio waterstone

There’s my Windsor & Newton artist inks – also from school. Let’s see, it’s…
really old. We’ll leave it at that.

Do you have a plethora of chotchkies? Have you played lately?
Just played?


8 thoughts on “a plethora of chotchkies

  1. I have many chotchkies!!!! Have dabbled in many things as has my daughter, drives hubby NUTS!I am happy to come and play with your chotchkies in your new space!!!!!

  2. Nice stash of chotchkies! 😉 We have moved quite often so mys stash is routinely destashed by default. It is for the best else I fear I would not be able to fit into my studio for all the crafty goodness stashed away.

  3. Oh my, I have company in my pack ratness. Just moved a heaps of artsy things half way across the country. I haven't used them in years but I just could not part with them. In the back of my mind there was this 'what if I…?' BTW I have the same radiograph set. It's very old.

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