studio waterstone redo

studio waterstone

Been working to relocate my studio all day. My body hurts. Really, really hurts.

studio waterstone

I’m practically catatonic.

studio waterstone

That’s where my request to you comes into the picture. While it’s nice, it’s pretty boring. Decorating suggestions. I need ideas, suggestions on how to prettify this room on the cheap. Think you could oblige? Go ahead. I can take it.


12 thoughts on “studio waterstone redo

  1. Wait… your doing it all wrong…isn't that supposed to be a skeleton in your closet? …lolI'm thinking scrapbook paper/ fabric squares.I go someplace cheap ( up here we have Christmas Tree Shop) they have a lot of "canvas art" very cheap and just go over it with fabric or paper. Waaay cheaper then buying anything else. I've bought clearence canvases for 5-6.00! Do I get a cookie?

  2. I can see some of your fantastic bags hanging up!! And of course I'm crazy for any type of wire art… perhaps something cool from the local goodwill?

  3. I'm thinking….1. A bag wall. One wall with Shaker-style hooks for hanging bags that need to be shown off and for hanging the belts/leather that you use to create the bags with. I've heard that having your materials right in front of your face is important for creativity. 2. Go to home depot/lowe's (whatever your flavor) get a big 'ol piece of plywood and some quarter round. Paint the plywood with that chalkboard paint and then cover the other side in those corkboard tiles (you can spray paint them if you want color blocks). Use the quarter round to create a boarder around the plywood and between the sections. Voila! – cool organizer and inspiration board all in one. Good luck and whatever you do I can't wait to see the final product!

  4. Wall decals are great. My sister buys a sheet or two of really nice funky wrapping paper and frames them. The paper is $6 a sheet, cheepie black frames from Michaels $5 or so. They do look great!

  5. I feel your pain, what a job!! It;s looking great. I think adding fabric to the windows really helps, something colorful. I like to use the clips to hang it, in case I decide to make a bag out of it later!

  6. I think a refreshing palette coat of paints, maybe not just in the tradition paint the wall one color way, but rather in sections that you can then layer upon. I love the idea of chalkboard paint. They even have magnetic paint that you can use, then chalkboard paint over that. How much fun would a wall like that be?! I've used a lot of decals in my kids rooms instead of time sucking hand painting that they would be sick of. And really – who doesn't get sick of looking a the same stuff…Can't wait to see what you decide to do and are inspired by. I go to my favorite artwork to pull color palettes I am drawn to…

  7. My first though when you want to re-do a room on the cheap is to PAINT the room. However, it looks like you've already gotten so much furniture in there, you may be past that point. Instead, wall decals are always great (as already suggested) you could even paint some of the furniture in some fun colors. Have fun with it no matter what you decide to do!

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