it’s a wrap: studio saturday

Happy weekend! I sure hope your week was fun, productive, and inspired. Mine was mostly about moving (my studio), cleaning, and rephotographing everything in my shop.


[ sold ]


[ sold ]

The bag shown above was actually one that I made last year with my French script canvas and recycled leather. I wasn’t crazy about the leather ruffle on the top flap or the length of the strap. So I removed it from the shop and put it away for a later redo. This week, I removed the ruffle and added two leather flowers as accents then changed out the strap for a longer crossbody version. Now I love it and it’s back in the shop. Amazing what a quick edit can do.


Made a fun summer tote yesterday using this great canvas I’ve had for some time. I paired it with dark recycled suede.

Today I’m planning to work on a new DIY tutorial that’s been on my mind for some time. I can’t wait to play and see how it turns out.

Tell me about your week. What left you truly inspired?


3 thoughts on “it’s a wrap: studio saturday

  1. What has left me inspired: I have finally worked through all the frustration I was having trying to find the perfect art medium… I needed something that could be held close in my left hand for control (due to tremors)and it needed to glide easily (to keep from pain) and it needed to have a very large color pallet. I found it all in 'believe it or not' Crayons!! I'm now totally inspired, excited, content and refreshed!! Check out the fox on my blog I'm working on right now!! Very cool! :)))

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