behind the scenes

I read an interesting article this week written by Amy over at Ponder & Stitch called “When you see a photo like this in my shop…”. In her post, Amy showed us a photograph of one of her products. She pulled back and then she pulled back even more.

studio waterstone handbags

I thought that I would show you the same with my handbags. As you can see, the first picture is the finished product. Pull back and you see what it takes to get this shot.

studio waterstone handbags

studio waterstone handbags

This just goes to show that you don’t need fancy props and backdrops to photograph well. Simply find wonderful natural light, a neutral background with very little distraction and you’re good to go.

studio waterstone handbags
my fancy props

studio waterstone handbags

studio waterstone handbags

And by the way, this post was written using my new voice activated software from Dragon Dictate. No typing required. Hallelujah!

So, what’s your secret?

Hoping you have an inspired week.


17 thoughts on “behind the scenes

  1. I liked the Gumby assist also Kelley. Hope you are feeling better Lori. Reading your blog I am familiar, and envious, of your energy, so I am sure this mandatory rest is not easy for you.

  2. lol!! this is AWESOME- I'm so glad you decided to do a post like mine. It's so interesting to see things like this, and it's great to know I'm not the only one using totally un-fancy props! lol

  3. Nice post. I use no professional props as well and behind my scene there is often a pepper mill, an oil bottle, sometimes a biscuits can… After all we make our pieces out of creativity, why should we use the same creativity to present them?Ambra

  4. Love the shots….I have to laugh at some of the things i have cropped out of my photos. ….and voice activated? Super cool. Hope your arm is getting better. Michelle

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