monday inspiration

Bright and early Monday morning, Mr. Waterstone Jr. and I (along with my trusty heating pad and ice pack) will be heading to North Carolina for the inevitable task of cleaning out my mother’s home and readying it for sale. Luckily, I’ll have siblings working alongside me as we go through so many years of memories.

Thought I’d start the week with a few inspirational DIY projects from Pinterest. Enjoy!

This door, trimmed out at the top and painted, makes a great new headboard.

Collage inspiration. I LOVE this.

jewelry box
Jewelry box hidden behind a photo frame on hinges. Brilliant.

wall tiles
Wall collage created using scrapbook paper.

Measuring tape watch. So “fitting”. Har Har.

I could really use this. Seriously.


Giving Credit Where Credit is Due:
Note that these inspirational pieces aren’t mine.
I’ve linked each picture with it’s original post. When not available, I’ve linked to Pinterest.


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