project runway: on pins & needles

Har Har – no pun intended.

studio waterstone

If you look at my calendar for this week, in addition to the traveling part, you may notice the words “Project Runway” penciled into the Thursday slot. Is it sad that this is my highlight of the week? Maybe. (Is it even sadder that I watch to see which bachelor “Dummy Ashley” picks on Monday nights? Definitely.)

But I can’t help it!!!

It’s my only vice. Er. Strike that last statement.

Back to Project Runway.

Are you a fan? Is it on your calendar?
Will you be tuning in to PR on Thursday?

Do tell.

No seriously. Do tell.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who loves discussing this guilty pleasure.


11 thoughts on “project runway: on pins & needles

  1. My daughters and I love it! We will have to find it on the computer after the fact though because we cancelled dish for the summer, or longer I'm loving the peace it's bringing. This is the downfall though and my 13 year old and I whined about missing it right from the start. The drama, the creations and don't get me started on how much I love Tim Gunn. I want to be related to him somehow, or at least be BFFs… I love project runway. love it.t. xoxoox

  2. It's a "hot mess" but I love it too.I have to watch who Ashley picks, she is a dummy for passing up the great ones..but better for the other girls out there, let them find them.

  3. Can.Not.Wait!I might not watch it live, since I have so much to do that night. But I will watch it on my Hulu or someplace in my studio later. Looking forward to it!Enjoy the day!Erin

  4. Aw, the drama!! Every year my daughter and I say we can't watch the bachelor again, but we can't stop! Ashley wins the prize for the "dumbest" ever! Can't wait for runway, at least it has great creations and Tim Gunn! and yes, the drama!! Too much fun to avoid!

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