project runway thoughts and opinions

*Spoiler Alert!* If you’ve not yet watched last night’s episode of Project Runway, read no further!

Last night’s episode involved challenging the contestants to create an outfit for a model on stilts. Talk about an unusual challenge!

My thoughts: This one kind of left me confused and I can’t even say why. I think Laura and Anthony definitely had a great outfit and I loved the red. And I suppose Fallene was the right one since she really had trouble constructing a garment.

What did you think of Bert’s attitude this week? He seems to have issues. lol. Somewhere in the middle I was baffled…

Lets hear your input and opinions.

In addition, which did you like the LEAST and WHY?


Oh, and have a wonderful Friday.

P.S. It’s good to be back home!


5 thoughts on “project runway thoughts and opinions

  1. Haha! I haven't watched it yet, but just off the top, it sounds like somebody is running out of good ideas! Haha! Stilts! Lori, you must design a purse for someone on stilts….make it work!

  2. Seriously Burt is the one that picked that hideous '80s brocade or what ever..not even brocade but foil printed nightmare. Then we would not listen to the other guys. He has to go…what an obnoxious stick in the mud. Poor Falene…Gotta learn what straight of grain is. I had a visions of totally changing the portions so it actually looked like a giant person instead of a woman with long legs. Dropped the waist…make the shoulders bigger. Maybe they would not have enough time. But the funny highlight was the hideous updo that looked like a drunken housewife from the '60's, the one on the chiffon outfit. I can picture her drinking cause she wishes she could burn her bra instead housework. How could the hair person have seriously made that doo (more like poo-poo??) HA HA!

  3. That is a very hard choice on the banner… I can see your dilemma… for today… I like the more colorful one on top… just because I don't want to think browns of autumn quite yet.. we have just began our summer here… it has been so unusually cool this season…Both are absolutely fab .. however♥

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