fashion for the rest of us

Hello lovelies! I hope this week is turning fabulous for you. Believe it or not and after scraping the bottom of the barrel on Monday, it’s been a fantastic week at the Plyler’s – and I’m still expecting only good things to come.

It’s time now for Fashion for the Rest of Us. This clothing is current and can be worn at practically any age. Why is this true? Notice recurring themes: no low necklines, arms are comfortably covered, tushes discretely hidden, etc. No matter your age or size, all of these can be enjoyed by all. Really.

studio waterstone

Sources from top left:

Tunic from Sundance

Center dress from Mrs. Pomeranz on Etsy

Outfit from Sundance

Tunic and Jeans from Anthropologie

Outfit from Dove Tree Design


7 thoughts on “fashion for the rest of us

  1. I love it! Lori, I started teaching high school when I was 23 and let me tell you, I learned very quickly about age appropriate dressing, and you basically hit all the high points (covered tush being tops on my list!) Thanks for the lovely inspiration…and on another note…Project Runway tonight!

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