what I know for sure

Happy happy joy joy – it’s Friday! This I know for sure. But wait! I know other things…

studio waterstone

My arm is beginning to feel better and…

I detest voice activated software – ugh – too much like work.

studio waterstone
I know that I’m loving this new book and can’t wait to tell you about it next week.

Talk about some serious eye candy.

studio waterstone

Hallelujah, I finished a leather bag today! Each one now feels like a huge milestone.

Psst…it’s going to the shop tonight.

studio waterstone

I know that we SO need rain. Our little pond is quickly drying up.

This makes Sophie and me and the fish sad.

studio waterstone

I know that I really do heart macro. I just do – even if I am cameralogically challenged.

The end of the week is in sight.

So tell me…

What do you know for sure?


7 thoughts on “what I know for sure

  1. Ohmygosh! Love the bag – soooo comfy looking!And hey, I have that book too. Can't quit looking at all of the enameled goodness – this time thru though, i'm actually reading it too. When that happens – you know it's good!

  2. I know that you are always full of wonderful inspiration…thank you!I know that I have 3 full days off in a row starting at 4:30…hooray….happy holiday to you!

  3. What do I know for sure? I know I enjoy your blog and your inspirational photography, that I love creating jewelry and that the purse you just posted a pic of is waaaayyy cool!!

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