stats? what stats?

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Oh my. This blogging stuff can be simple or it can be difficult. I choose difficult every time. It has to do with my need to explore and try new things. In doing this, I sometimes develop a confused, foggy look – kind of like the one old Sophie is shooting in my direction. Ever feel that way?
We’re exploring anyway…
It’s time to talk a little about blog stats. Why stats? Because if you’re a blogger and you are interested in growing your readership, stats are an invaluable bit of information. You can see which days you had more visits, time on site, etc. This in turn tells you what you’re doing right as well as what’s wrong.
Don’t worry. I won’t get too in depth. I’m not capable. But what I will do is give you a few options.
Option #1 – Blogger
If you use Blogger, then the easiest option is go take a gander at the stats from your dashboard. I know!! It was right under your nose the entire time. You’ll see your most popular posts, referring urls, referring sites. You’ll even find keywords used to find your blog which, by the way, can be pretty entertaining and sometimes downright surprising.
Option #2 – Sitemeter
Sitemeter has always been one of my favorites. Adding Sitemeter is as easy as registering on their site for free, getting a little html code, and adding it to your layout (add a gadget option). You get a plethora of information such as entry clicks, outbound clicks, referring sites, visitor location, how long they were on your site, etc.
Option #3 – Google Analytics
Everybody’s heard of Google Analytics – but have you actually used it? Again, easy to set up. Just go to the site, click the “Sign Up Now” link, and you’re on your way. But wait…
One of my favorite features in Google Analytics is under Content Overview. From there click on “In Page Analytics” and before you know it you’ll see a full view of your blog along with some nifty little bubbles. Those bubbles tell you the percentage of clicks you’ve received on any part of your blog. We’re talking meat and potatoes, people. Nothing spells out the importance of your layout and positioning and content more than this section.
Okay, I’m done and it wasn’t really so bad now, was it?
I’m curious though.
Do you pay attention to stats? Are stats important to you? If so, which is your favorite?

11 thoughts on “stats? what stats?

  1. Stats make my eyes glaze over. I sign up, I embed, and when all is arranged, do nothing further. I guess I really don't care enough. Should I? Perhaps. But in the big picture of life I think I'm willing to let this thing slide out from under my grasp.

  2. I sign up, have the code, and I look at the stats, just 'cuz I'm curious. (some people call it nosy.) from there, I may do some modifying, I just think it's interesting to see what the stats are. who's been looking, from what reference site, what posts are the most popular. I just find it a fascinating study in psychology.

  3. Sometimes I use it but not really regularly. I agree though that it can be an important exercise if you are looking at growing your readership. I think it's got a lot of potential to help you focus your blog and it's content. I do use google analytics for my etsy shop quite regularly.

  4. I tried hooking up google analytics – seems to have worked on one of my etsy sites but not the other ??? why – I have no idea because I'm so techno challenged it's pathetic!I know I should use them,…but Like I said,…. 🙂

  5. Hi Lori, I just discovered your blog, and must say that you take really good pictures. I also found about I heart and would surely participate in with my next post. Now about the post i think I have always been curious about Google Analytics, may be will try to install one now 🙂

  6. I have a Blogger blog and I occasionally look at the "stats" tab to see a number, since I am a fairly new blogger. I have never gone any farther than that. After reading this post I am a little more curious. So after I get the "Sophie" look off my face, I think I will re-read this post and do a little research. Thank you for all the stat info…and Sophie is precious. Were you explaining stats to her to get that look 🙂 Hope you and Sophie are having a great day!

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