fashion for the rest of us

I’m looking at fashion for those of us who are not Generation Xer’s.
Real fashion. This is my wish list.

studio waterstone

studio waterstone

My favorites…
Toms, boots, jeans, sweaters, and scarves are a must for fall. Only one problem.

I think they would look much better with a
Studio Waterstone bag. Sue me.

Which is your favorite?

*I do not claim credit for these photos. They are from Pinterest.


12 thoughts on “fashion for the rest of us

  1. I love the first series too – I really love that sweater!I'm bumming tho, cause I had my eye on one of your bags, and it's gone – was trying to tell the hubby which one I wanted for our anniversary – guess I'll have to pick out another one!!But you're right, these would look better paired up w/your designs!

  2. liking the first set.Bummed because I don't know how to actually find where to buy some of these items. Except the Waterstone original bags which everything would look best!

  3. Hmmm… let's see…I'll take the bag, the bracelets, the boots, and that sweet little sweater-shirt combo in the first set!Wonderful fall goodies!!Thank you for sharing!

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