it’s a wrap: studio saturday…er…friday

Happy to announce that I actually finished not one, not two, but THREE items this week. With a recovering arm, production isn’t nearly what it used to be. But hey, I’m getting there – hopefully in time for the Christmas rush which begins in October. Gah! Anywho, have a gander.

studio waterstone handbags

The bag has sold, but the two little cell phone/key pouches are in the shop.


I got REALLY hunger after watching Foodnetwork on Monday. Hmm…
What to make when you suck at grocery shopping and have eggs.
Why, a spanish omelet – my version! And if I must say (and I must) it was fantastic.


On Wednesday, I reviewed (ok, it was a love fest) Barbara Lewis’ new book,
Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry.


See you on Sunday, you macro shooters, you.


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