happy happy joy friday

Each day flies by at the speed of sound. But each week seems as slow as molasses as I count down to seeing Mr. W again. Is that kind of time even possible? At any rate, the week is drawing to a close and I’m already excited about what’s ahead. But first, let’s look back…
Just in case you missed it, on Tuesday we had a SUPER easy infinitity scarf tutorial for fall and on Thursday we peeked into artist, Marcia DeCoster’s gorgeous studio.

And now, I’m so glad it’s Friday! I’ve got a little “fashion for the rest of us” fall inspiration and a peek into my studio to see new projects – think gadgets.

Now, for a look ahead…


Loving the wool I accumulated this week.
Ready to be recycled and refashioned into clutches and cases.

My first attempt at an iPad case (don’t look too closely at the stitching), complete with a front pocket and back zippered pouch for pens.
After a few tweaks, I’ll be ready to add a few to the shop.

And here’s what I loved this week. Kinda gets me in the mood for fall.


Which look is your favorite?

All fashion looks are from Pinterest.


8 thoughts on “happy happy joy friday

  1. Love these! But 'me' is definitely in the bottom right corner: jeans, a nice "T", an open cardigan or wrap sweater and some cute shoes – oooohhhh love this one!! (The pic needs a Studio Waterstone bag, though and cute jewelry – just saying!!)Oh,…and that wool you got your hands on – very sweet indeed!!

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