i heart macro

It’s macro Sunday! Do you have your macro? I actually finished, yes finished, six little clutches this weekend and so they were my macro subjects for the week.

*NOTE* Linky needs a swift kick in the tush – being temperamental again for some and fine for others. If you can’t link up, feel free to leave a link to your beautiful macro shot in the comment section. Thanks!

studio waterstone

studio waterstone

It’s time for “I Heart Macro” slash “I Heart Close Ups: Up Close Photography for Macro Makers and the Camerologically Challenged”. Join me by blogging your up close/macro picture of the week. Grab the button* to show that you’re participating and link up here.

studio waterstone
<a href=”http://www.waterstonejewelry.blogspot.com”><img src=”http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5024/5613077984_956a8186b6_m.jpg&#8221; width=”240″ height=”169″ alt=”studio waterstone” /></a>

*Instructions for grabbing a button*

Copy the code shown above. Go to your blogger and instead of using the “compose” tab, click on the “edit html” tab. Paste the code you’ve just copied. Then switch back to the “compose” tab and you’ll magically see the button! Finish your post, publish and you are done. Easy peasy.

15 thoughts on “i heart macro

  1. Lori! I now carry my camera just about everywhere I go and it's because of I Heart Macro! I look forward to posting every week! Thank you for inspiring me to keep taking photos! Love your macro shots,they are always so sharp! The beads and fabric you used for the clutch are wonderful!

  2. What wonderful colours on that clutch….I agree with Sally….I Heart macro has made me more aware of what is around me and I take my little P&S everywhere now..always in my handbag, and always look forward to posting on a Sunday. Thankyou.jenni

  3. Beautiful pictures! I bet the full clutches are just as pretty. I must get back into the swing of macro – perhaps I need to make like Sally and take my camera wherever I go!

  4. Love the colors on the clutch, too! Beautiful macros!For some reason, my computer/network isn't letting me upload my pic for today from my blog or my files,….hopefuly whatever my problem is will get fixed and I'll be back to post my pic 😦

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