5 things you can learn from your pet

For Wednesday’s Earth Shattering, Life or Death Kind of Question, I thought we’d shake things up a bit. Today, we’re talking cats and dogs.

Did you know that, in many ways, our pets are smarter than we are? No, really! Okay, they may have a few practices which are questionable at best. But read on – I think you’ll agree. I hope you enjoy this.


  1. Celebrate EVERYTHING! Don’t wait for the major events in life to have fun. Celebrate even the smallest things that happen in life – a good night’s sleep, that good grade, a sale. You get the picture.
  2. Just being present is enough. Five years ago, when Jessie was so sick, for such a long time, that she couldn’t even get up from the sofa to walk down the driveway, Sophie snuggled with her. No talks or lectures – after all, she couldn’t. She was just there.
  3. Napping is good.
  4. Don’t try so hard. Know thyself. Now we’re talking cats. See, a cat doesn’t clamor for attention or try to please. Enough said.
  5. You can get along with anybody. Back to the dogs and cats/puppies thing. When you raise different species together, lovingly, they get along. I think that on this topic, humans could learn a thing or two from our pets, hmm???

Now it’s your turn.

What can you learn/have you learned from your pet about life?

(psst…the idea for this post came from a great article in Real Simple)


12 thoughts on “5 things you can learn from your pet

  1. I really enjoyed your post and am a real animal lover! Have 3 dogs and a parrot right now. I had a wonderful German Shepherd a few years ago that has now gone on to "doggy heaven". My dog never left my side until when my mother was at my house dying. For days, my dog layed at the end of her bed and would not leave. also, she was watching out alot. I had a very strong feeling that my dog "Heidi" was seeing someone from the world beyond in the room with us. Beings that I could not see. The feeling was so strong that even now, 14 years later, gives me goosebumps. Loved your post!

  2. (1)Never take anything for granted.(2)Eating the same thing for a couple days never killed anyone.(3)No matter what, forgiveness is an awesome feeling. I learned these things from my parents as a child BUT my dogs have taught me to walk the walk so to speak.

  3. It's okay to have short memories and not hold grudges. Love should be unconditional, no matter what appearances or differences are seen. Long walks are a good thing. Everyone just wants to be loved, but it is needed and given in different ways depending on the giver/recipient/cat/dog.

  4. Love animals and love this post. What I learned:Stare intently when you want foodGrowl at whoever comes to the doorNever turn down a treatHide when you don't want to do somethingBut, seriously, I love how very present in the moment my "pup" is. Every second precious.

  5. I like #3 especially. I like how animals don't hold grudges, they can start over anew every day. Humans need to learn how to let go like animals do. It makes life so much easier.

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