a(nother) lesson in what not to do

Knew I wasn’t the smartest kid on the block – but I always had common sense on my side. So when I switched over to making handbags instead of jewelry, I patiently waited for the day that I could switch my shop name to StudioWaterstone.

However, because common sense was on my side, and I know how to protect my web address on the internet, common sense said, “Lori, you need to open a dummy shop called StudioWaterstone so that the name will be protected.” (I’m smart like that) So I listened to myself and opened that dummy shop.

The day finally came this week. I was so excited. I promptly closed my StudioWaterstone.Etsy.com shop and set out to officially change my name.

Not allowed. That name is already in use, says Etsy.

What? In use? It’s in use by me!!! But wait! Now it’s deleted! Can I reopen it? Nope, says Etsy. But here’s what I did, Etsy (because I’ve got tons of common sense)…blah, blah, blah. And that’s what I did Etsy. Doesn’t it make sense?

Etsy didn’t think it made sense. My shop name is now available to absolutely no one including me.

I fudged up big. BIG.

Now what? What?????

Seriously, what?

LoriPlyler@Etsy.com. Really??? Only 1% of the population will ever spell Plyler correctly. Heck, I even mess it up from time to time.

WaterstoneBags.Etsy.com? A definite possibility. Waterstone.Etsy.com is taken, if you can believe that.

I fudged up. Feed me some names. Anything that you think will work.

I fudged up.

P.S. Would you be interested in a little free advertising? But note. I will NOT add your to the list until you help me with this ridiculous situation. Feed me a name – and it had better not be DumbAss.Etsy.com. Then I will become like the Soup Nazi and say, “No free advertising for you!”

P.S.S. Image is from Pinterest – the most funnest place on earth – besides Etsy (cough, cough)


34 thoughts on “a(nother) lesson in what not to do

  1. Awww, that's completely messed up!! Atelier Waterstone…sorry, it's all I've got on a Friday afternoon 🙂 (people would probably spell Pyler more consistently though!)

  2. Egads but that is a bummer! I had an alternate name at one time I will have to go and look that up. At least I think I did. Or maybe I am making that up. I like WaterstoneStudio because it implies that you do more than just bags. Or how about WaterstoneLeather since it seems that all of your things, whether bags or cell phone holders or cuffs all have leather. Or if StudioWaterstone is where it is at, why not putting a word in front of itInStudioWaterstoneFromStudioWaterstoneor maybe to differentiate yourself you might just beTheWaterstoneTough nut, Miss Lori! I know you will figure it out!Enjoy the day.Erin

  3. Lori, is there a hold on the name StudioWaterstone, I mean after you closed the account will the name become available within so many hours, days, weeks? Or is it gone for good? I do like WaterstoneStudio.esty or Waterstone.etsy!

  4. I like Studio Waterstone because it sounds so organic. However it doesn't really give clues as to the product. That may be deliberate on your part so you can expand your art wherever it takes you. Still I wonder if it would not benefit you to add something more descriptive since etsy lets you open multiple shops. Your brand could be Studio Waterstone but maybe a descriptor for this shop could be added such as Stuido Waterstone fashion (or accessories).

  5. WaterstoneStyle, WaterstoneArt, VintageWaterstone,WaterstoneLtd.,WaterstoneExclusives, WaterstoneMade,WaterstoneCompany, WaterstoneMania,WaterstoneWorld, TheWaterStone, WaterstoneByLori,WaterstoneCreations,WaterstoneDesigns, Waterstone-Gallery, TheWaterstoneCollection.Good Luck!

  6. No! You ain't messed up….they have! All I can come up with is StoneWaterStudio if your tryin to keep WaterStone in there…I'm not much help…Why?…I'm a man, LOL!!

  7. Yikes!How about:WaterstonedesignWaterstonestudioStudiowaterstonedesignStudiowaterstonecoeither way just leave the banner as is (as studio waterstone)That really sucks, but you have been waterstone jewelry for some time selling handbags, so maybe it's all about: "what's in a name".Good luck!

  8. Oh no…Waterstone Leather?Waterstone etsy?Waterstone Studio?Lori's Studio Waterstone?LP@ Studio Waterstone ( are @'s allowed?)Can you have a hyphen? Studio Water-stone?Hope it all works out, Lori.jenni

  9. I have to say that I like having some variation of the word "bags" in the title. So, my vote would be for StudioWaterstoneBagsor StudioWaterstoneTooor StudioWaterstoneEtcor StudioWaterstonePlusThose guys at etsy are sticklers for being a pain in your side! I also wish they'd clean house more, like removing shops that have been inactive for ages! Why don't they start doing that, huh?

  10. In the same boat as you. Have a Summers Studio shop for when I was making pottery. Can't change it back now. Urggh. If it's available I'd just switch it to Waterstone Studio. It will still come up in search engines if people are looking for Studio Waterstone.

  11. I thought I was so clever when I came up with my name: Do-Rah!designs. Little did I know,internet does not allow -, or ! in most places. I ended up being dorah, ugh… wishing you luck!

  12. Oh Lori what a mess! A lot o what i thought of has been mentioned, i like WaterstoneStudio and WatestoneArts but if you wanted the bag in there how about WaterstoneBagWorks or WaterstoneArtBags? Good Luck

  13. How how annoying…the dark side of the on-line world (well part of it). I am sure anyone creative enough to come up with this wonderful line of purses is creative enough to come up with an alternative name.PSLove the kitty, birdie shotCheers,Leah

  14. Aww, Lori! What a mess! Etsy can be such a pain! I'm with some of the others, WaterstoneStudio seems very elegant? Or someone else mentioned getting your initials in there? LP Waterstone Studio? Waterstone Studio by LP? *sigh* I am so sorry!

  15. I thought you could open an etsy shop and change the name to anything you want now. I would ask Etsy again and again… something does not seem right since you ARE Studio Waterstone! Doesn't make a damn bit of sense!

  16. I do like WaterstoneStudio or WaterstoneDesign – plenty of flexibility if you move into other products.So sorry this happened to you! Lots of other Etsy people have just discovered they have the same problem! I started with a buyer account under my biz name, Highwood Studio, and later used it as a destash shop since I had no plans to sell my jewerly on Etsy. Since I do now, though, I was hoping to change the destash shop name and then change my jewelry shop to Highwood Studio, but aha! can't do it.I have Highwood Studio in my banner and everywhere else in the shop that I can but the user name is still carolemma. It's the best I can do for my situation. Do you have a StudioWaterstone domain name? I forward my http://www.highwoodstudio.com domain to my etsy shop and don't use the name.etsy.com url at all.Darn Etsy!!!

  17. I like the idea of flipping it to Waterstone Studio (just to outsmart Etsy, not as a core change) as well. Should that be taken, adding in something like "LP" or "bags" as suggested although I worry that the latter undermines your cases and other goodies) should do the trick. You have great readers with awesome suggestions here. 🙂 Good luck!

  18. Bwah ha ha ha ha. I just had to let you know I was laughing at, no I mean, near you. This is something I would do! Ok, so now that I've laughed at, err, near you. I will make my suggestion of StudioWaterstoneAccessories or StudioWaterstoneDesigns

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