fashion and opportunities and fashionable opportunities

Did you have an inspired week? I sure hope so. The studio here was a hopping madhouse. Whenever that happens I experience serious ADD and want to play! Staying focused and on task can be quite difficult. Know what I mean?

For today’s post, I have two super quick topics…

First, my week wouldn’t be complete without covering “Fashion for the Rest of Us“. I fell in love with each of these looks. How about you? Which is your favorite/most wearable?


For me, each one is perfect and 100% wearable. I’m really dying over the Eileen Fisher dress in the top, left photo – oh how I wish it was in my (cough, cough) budget.

Topic numero “B”…

You still have through this Saturday to comment on yesterday’s post for a chance to nab some free advertising space! Seriously? Yes! There is no agenda here. I simply see so many talented artists, photographers, and bloggers out there and want to share a little of your space – a.k.a. spreading the handmade love.

So, if you haven’t taken the chance to read and comment, then now’s the time! I’d love to feature you.

Now, I’m off to the Atlanta airport (in the rain. on a friday. sheesh.) to pick up a gorgeous man named Mr. Waterstone. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you right back here on Sunday for I Heart Macro.

(psst…the images are from Pinterest)


8 thoughts on “fashion and opportunities and fashionable opportunities

  1. In my budget and in my suze, LOL!More boots, swoon. Im checking em out, still hopeful I will find boots for these tree trunks.Have fun with Mr. W. We are getting ready for our first snow storm, squeal!!

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