bragging rights!

Of course, I’m not sure that I have the right to brag. After all, I didn’t do a thing except give birth to the model, toil over her for almost 19 hard years and…okay. I don’t have the right.


On the other hand, our fabulously talented photographer, Kelley Wenzel of Pear Tree Photography, deserves praise for her beautiful shots. Yes, we’re talking the very same Kelley Wenzel from Kelley’s Beads. Seriously, this much talent should be outlawed – but not until I get my pictures!

Now you’ve seen my model’s face, something that doesn’t happen often around here!
For my bragging, I borrowed a couple of preview pics from the photo shoot.

Want to see a few more? Head over to Kelley’s blog to see her beautiful work.

15 thoughts on “bragging rights!

  1. I'm so glad you love the photos of your model! We had a great time together and was absolutely thrilled that she let me photograph her face and not just from the neck down. ;)Beads2Die4, I'm sorry you had problems commenting. I've heard that from a few people, so I just went in and changed the comment settings to see if that helps. *Crossing fingers*

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