let’s talk talent…

I love this part of the week because it’s time to talk talented folks! Can’t think of a better way to shout “TGIF” than to learn about new and inspiring artisans.

This week I was thrilled to host three fantastically talented ladies and I sincerely hope that you visit their shops, websites, and blogs as they all have something beautifully unique to offer.



First up is one of my favorite silversmiths, Jayne of Jayne Norvelle Designs. Jayne creates jewelry using stones found along the Oregon coast. One of my favorites from Jayne’s shop is the this oxidized, forged silver and stone necklace.


Gynna, from GrabStuff Creations, knits wonderful scarves, makes the cutest stitch markers, and creates knitting project bags. I’m a scarf girl, so as soon as I hit her shop, my eye immediately fixates on the hand knit cowl – so perfect for cooler weather!


Erin of Tesori Trovati Jewelry, combines her love for words with rustic, time-worn looks to create “Simple Truths” pendants. I am loving the “take time” slender pendants.


4 thoughts on “let’s talk talent…

  1. Lori, Thanks again for doing this! I love that you are so creative and willing to share your creativity and "home space" with others! You and your work are beautiful!Gynna

  2. I'm with Gynna. I think that this is a brilliant idea. I really enjoyed perusing these fine artisan's wares as much as I love stopping by your corner of the world. You are so generous, and I thank you.Enjoy the day.Erin

  3. Thanks so much for generously sharing your blog to advertise other artists! Once again I enjoyed seeing shops that I may not have otherwise come across. Love the hand woven scarf from Grabstuff and the simple truth charms in TesoriTrovati (awesome name btw)shop are so unique, I love, love love the "Inspired by the Sea" charms with the little seahorses, beautiful.I look forward to 3 new shops to peruse next week! šŸ™‚

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