monday inspiration…boards

Inspiration boards. Essential to the creative mind.

…Now for a dose of my reality…

Do you have your own inspiration board?
I have three. They strive to be as pretty – working on it.
Don’t have room? Notebooks work beautifully – and travel. šŸ™‚



Have a beautifully inspired Monday.

psst…top images are from pinterest


9 thoughts on “monday inspiration…boards

  1. I love the idea of inspiration boards and have wanted one for a long time. But I really don't have a studio or traditional work area to hang an inspiration board.

  2. I don't have a board so much as a large sheet of paper totally covered in inspirational pictures, colour pallets etc, some of those boards are so ordered, i'm more of the messy kind

  3. No I don't have an inspiration board yet but when i do it'll look like the house beautiful shot! I do have notebooks and journals and when my son moves out and I can take over his room, I will have boards! great post.

  4. My whole studio is a mood board. And my mood must be cluttered because that is what it says to me when I walk in the room! ;-)I do have a series of magnetic/photo/bulletin board combos hanging on my wall. Right now they are so stuffed with things that I can't see through them. I need to declutter and put up all the shelves that are just sitting on the floor and then get back to seeing the mood boards and using them! Thanks for the inspiration, Miss Lori!Enjoy the day!Erin

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