santa wants to give you something

One year everyone asked Jeff what I’d like for Christmas. His response…

I got ten turtlenecks that year.


So I got my renewal from my favorite magazine, Country Living, and they asked if I wanted to give a gift subscription? I said, “Hell’s yeah!”, but who? And then I had a great idea…I’ll give it away! Are you a Country Living fan? Do you believe in Santa?

If you answered yes to both questions and would like a complimentary, no catches, one year subscription to Country Living you will need to answer one more question…

What do you want for Christmas?
(Besides a free subscription to Country Living Magazine)


I’ll pick a name on Tuesday, December 13th.

Good luck!


16 thoughts on “santa wants to give you something

  1. I want my brother and sister-in-law, who are traveling from Florida to Virginia, to arrive safely! I am hosting my family of 17 on Christmas Eve, and I want less stress for that day!!!! Merry Christmas, Lori, to you and your family

  2. as an intangible – peace… always… but if you want to know what i want? a tube cutting jig or new walking shoes… the heels are shot… thanks lori – and i love that poster!

  3. Not to be a brownnoser at all, but I totally want the perfect Waterstone bag to pop up in your shop and for me to see it and stop waffling long enough to hit BUY and snatch it up. I know it will happen one day because I totally believe in Santa Claus.;-)Enjoy the day!Erin

  4. I would like my family to be all together, that would be the PERFECT gift.Of course I would not turn down say a free subscription to CL magazine, or a Kreg Jig, or a job.Good Luck everyone.

  5. I love Country Living! What a sweet thing for you to do 🙂 I think for Christmas this year, I would just love to have one quiet week. No laundry, no cleaning, no chores. Just quality time with my horses, my husband, and my camera.

  6. I believe in Santa! He always brings the best gifts! This year I'm hoping for a pair of red cowboy boots… now that would be awesome!*on the occasions where Santa is too busy to get what i want, i might perhaps help him out a little…..

  7. Heh…Now ten boxes of Turtles I could get behind…LOVE Country Living.{Offering to Canadians?}I hope, wish for my Dad to be well enough to play hockey after Christmas. He is 64 and last year played goal 3-5 times a week, this year in October he became very ill and now is on the mend {I hope!} So that would be the best present of all, seeing him lace up those skates!Santa Spirit is what I believe in…I've met many…Sweet gift Lori.I hope you get all you wish for and more goodness than you can imagine…xo{CrowNology}

  8. I would like a shiatsu massage pillow for between my shoulder blades (beaders back is what I like to call it) since my kids broke the one I owned. Thats it. Just relief from this back pain in pillow form;-) Oh- and country living of course!

  9. ha ha – funny story abut the turtlenecks!!I have no idea what I want for Christmas. I know this is making it hard on Ken, but I honestly don't need much. Last year, he replaced my poor burned out iBook with a new MacBook Pro, so I don't really need any of the cool tech gadgets out this year. I'm perfectly happy with my shiny laptop :)SueP.S. Oh, and don't put me in the drawing for the magazine – I already get too many and they just pile up – one more thing I don't have time for! Hey, that's what I want for Christmas – more time!

  10. Such a sweet gift giveaway!I honestly haven't a clue what I want for Christmas…maybe just to try and not stress and enjoy myself and my family but I'm no good at not stressing out over the little things so maybe a new bead press instead 🙂

  11. Love the turtleneck story! I would like a Keurig machine- I keep hearing about them and everyone says they are the best thing ever. I would like one! Oh and an ipad 🙂 I'm sure I won't get either of those things but I would be very happy with a subscription to Country Living. Thanks for the great give away!

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