reads: unstitched

This addiction for beauty, inspiration, and intriguing content – it’s madness – a madness I welcome with open arms. I’m constantly amazed at the talent out there, the hours of love that must go into these beautiful online “magazines”.


The design asethetic had me at hello.  But we all know that there must be great content and Unstitched doesn’t disappoint.  Lillian has a weekly schedule which includes globetrotting, personal museum, here & there, the find, and artsy living.  Did I mention the eye candy?
Unstitched.  Go ahead, you know you want to visit.

3 thoughts on “reads: unstitched

  1. Maddening for sure and it's my go to excuse when anyone in my family asks "what have you done all day" and I reply "research, do you have any idea how much inspiration I find when I research?"Use it!

  2. Oh my, my, my forget the bath, have you seen the bedroom with the view??? Makes me want to pack my bags and hop on the next plane. Oh the inspiration from that view would be unending!thanks for sharing.

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