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Maybe this post should be named “The Case of the Missing Blogroll” because Blogger has socked it to me yet one more time. A few days ago my extensive, beloved blogroll disappeared – totally without warning. No, “See ya later, babe.” No nothing – just poof. Gone. Vamoose.
Now I need your help. I’d LOVE to hear about your favorite, most creatively inspiring blog. And, if possible, don’t forget the link. I will be forever grateful as I work to re-establish my list.
Oh, and I hope you’re holiday shopping has been wrapped up, both literally and figuratively and that you are now in “vaca” mode.
Now, about that blogroll

11 thoughts on “blogrolling

  1. Dang. I will play along…Here are some of the over 300 blogs that I have in my blogroll (I love them all!).For pure fancifulness – A Fanciful Twist by artist Vanessa Valenciahttp://afancifultwist.typepad.comFor jewelry inspiration and an incredibly inspiring community – Art Bead Scenewww.artbeadscene.comFor hilarity and laugh out loud funny (and you have to read all the comments as that is where most of the funny happens – be prepared to jump in the fray!) – Bye Bye Pie her cat just died so it hasn't been too funny lately ;-(For incredible color inspiration – Brandi Girl Blog and Design Seedshttp://www.brandigirlblog.com gorgeous pictures, beautiful jewelry and a lovely life to go with it – Kab's Creative Concepts course, I love to come here and see what you are up to as well! Merry Christmas to you!Enjoy the day.Erin

  2. I love your blog cause you've got everything! And here's the rest of my list:Deb Duty Photography – lovely photos McKinnon's blog cause it's just so dang entertaining – she's a hoot! one of my fav's is Sparrow Salvage – I drool over here designs and her photos are just amazing! I hope she recovers quickly. I feel so much sorry for her loss.'s going to be fun to see what everone's fav's are!! Great idea Lori!

  3. Oh heavens, so many blogs I love. My blog roll is huge these days. The blogs I find the most inspiring I think are:Erin's:'s: is so much fun: one more I found through… I don't remember. LOL. Maybe Patty: this time your blogroll will stick! Merry Christmas, Lori!

  4. Just an fyi–Blogger has had this problem now for about a month. It steals the list of blogs you belong to…and worse yet, it will steal your blog followers. I nearly cried the first time I saw it happened. It dropped about 10 followers right before my eyes. I'm still having trouble. Not to where I was, but the numbers change at various times of day. The #s go up and down and I'm never sure if everyone formerly on the list is receiving the messages. I seem to be getting fewer comments since this began.Lots of people started reporting it and last I heard… several weeks ago, Google engineers were working on it. Doesn't seem to be resolved though and I haven't seen any updates. Sorry this has come to visit you too. It is truly such a bummer. We work hard to get to where we are with our blogs. I hope they can restore all the info when/if they fix the problem. Now, to answer your call for information! Most of the blogs I follow are jewelry blogs, but here is one I truly enjoy that's for photography:'s "Carole's Creative Corner." Carole does the most beautiful photography of nature (birds, butterflies, kangaroo, lizards, flowers, trees, water, unique landforms, etc.), outdoor art events, places she has traveled, national treasures in architecture, and the list goes on. She's from eastern Australia and it's always interesting to see what she'll photograph and how beautifully it turns out. (I love many other of the ones we see here regularly, and many of the jewelry blogs are very special to me, but this is one of favorites from "i heart macro."

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