hiya and a happy 2012

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Always a day late and a dollar short, I wish you all a Happy 2012. May it be jam packed with good health, happiness, and fulfilled dreams.

Personally, the mister heads back to Ohio this evening, ending a wonderful holiday. My life will be filled with reorganization, cleaning (aren’t they one and the same?), reinvention, and recuperating. How about you? What’s on tap for 2012?

Psst. I’m a little proud of that photo. Straight from my camera. I’m learning!


8 thoughts on “hiya and a happy 2012

  1. Lori, Happy New Year to you! I have really enjoyed following you on your blog, Pinterest and your ETSY site. I wish you were my neighbor! Have fun cleaning and organizing! ~cindy

  2. Gorgeous photo! I'm cleaning too (well not right at the moment since I took a little break to catch up on all my favorite blogs). This is something I dislike since the house is always in disarray from gifts we still don't know what to do with, or haven't put together, or don't have room for. Usually I give up after the first day.I've enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to what 2012 has in store!Alice

  3. GORGEOUS photo!!! I will be glad when I can clean and reorganize, but that won't be for a couple of months. Until then, I'm enjoying my kindle fire and catching up on some blogs! Happy New Year!

  4. Now that is a great photo!!!!!! I have a bit of OCD and feel like I am ALWAYS cleaning….the house just doesn't seem to reflect this! Sorry your hubby left again…..that must be hard for you! My goal for 2012 is to blog more….writing does not come easy to me anymore!

  5. Happy New Year to you Lori! I love your photo, it really is beautiful!I have too many top things to list here, but one would be to be a better blog supporter and listener.

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