loveliness and comfort

Just returned this afternoon from my parent’s house. My sister, Anne, and I worked from Monday through Wednesday to clean and stage. Visiting with my sister and her hubby was wonderful and the time spent in my former home brought both comfort and wonderful memories.
In the end, the house looked so beautiful that I briefly thought we should take pictures to send to Mom and Dad! We both laughed and then Anne said that she liked to imagine that they would drop in for a little visit – a nice thought, so we decided to stick with that.
Now, I have several “new” things to show you.
studio waterstone blog
First, I found this Jo Totes camera bag while thrifting! Fuh real! It was truly a “double-take, then grab” moment. Fellow thrifters (and camera buffs) will most certainly relate.

studio waterstone blog

It’s in perfect condition inside with all of the padding and the long strap included.

studio waterstone blog

While in North Carolina, I hit my favorite fabric store and found lots of amazing remnants. I am so freaking in love with these patterns and colors.

studio waterstone blog

studio waterstone blog

studio waterstone blog

Beautiful things from Mom’s. She loved to entertain.

studio waterstone blog

studio waterstone blog

So good to be back. Enjoy your Friday!

15 thoughts on “loveliness and comfort

  1. That camera bag was meant to be with you Miss Lori! Score! And those patterns are so rich. I hope that one of them will end up in a bag that I intend to find in your shop this coming year ;-)Enjoy the day!Erin

  2. Oh wow a Jo Totes bag — I asked for one of these from Santa this year.. but alas Santa must of lost Jo's contact number. ;-/great colour too !You've inspired me to go looking today for bargains.Jennie. x

  3. Your finds are fantastic. I'm glad you and your sister found some peace at your Mom's house. I lost my mom when I was only 3,..I can't imagine loosing her as an adult – so my heart goes out to you because I know it hasn't been easy.It's lovely the things you have from her and from your childhood – memories are the best!!

  4. Fantabulous bag find, that color is one of my favorites- lucky girl! I just don't think that the thrift stores in So Cal have much in the way to offer…I never stumble across things that need to come home with me 🙂

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