toot toot

I’m going to do a little horn tooting, a little news spreading, a little thanking, and a little chatting. But don’t worry, I’ll be brief with each. Yes, it is possible. Just watch!
The News:
Be sure to visit my pal, Barbara Lewis, this week at Art Saves. All this week, she’s sharing a little about herself, her inspiration, and spotlighting various artists. On Wednesday, Barbara will be talking about Andrew Thornton and moi! So be sure to visit Art Saves each and every day this week. P.S. Barbara gives a brief schedule of the week on her blog, Painting with Fire Artwear.
The Horn Toot:


Okay, really not my horn to toot. But I did give birth and crack a whip with this little chickie. My youngest, a.k.a. the model, just received the Zell Miller Scholarship which translates into 100% tuition PAID! Woot! She also turns 19 this Saturday. So, happy early birthday, you little brat, you.
The Thanking:
Thank you so much to my wonderful customers, readers, and Facebook buds for visiting my clearance sale this week. It has been a blast seeing my peeps get such great deals and, FYI, there are still a few items for sale.
The Chatting:
This week we’ve experienced…


Rain of near biblical proportions


snow and


65 degree weather today. (Sophie says hi)
Yeah. I’ll take the third.

8 thoughts on “toot toot

  1. That is fantastic news for you, your husband, and of course, your daughter!!!! You are so blessed to have such a great family! Ps: Sophie is the cutest black lab I have ever seen! I love it when you post pics of her!

  2. Wahoo! Tootie-toot-toot-toot! That is great news on the scholarship. I think you not only raised a beautiful girl but a dang smart one! I hope that my progeny will follow suit! Thanks for the great deals last week. I am so excited that I was ablet to snag one, but I want you to get better right quick because I already know that I will need another bag from you this year! And I am off to read what the delightful Miss Barbara has to say. She, you and Andrew all rock!Enjoy the day!Erin

  3. Hurray for your girl!!! Wow, isn't it amazing how much things have changed in just a short year or so? She gives us all hope!!Tell her we are proud of her and wish her the best!Sue

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