my sketchbook

Luckily I drove to Ohio. Had I flown, the luggage fees alone would have been through the roof – and I only had one small suitcase for clothing! It’s the hobby paraphernalia, such as the painting supplies above, that take up so much room. I’ll bet you can relate.


I’ve begun to add color to this sketch.



To break away from the “perfectionist” zone, I loosely painted a similar page today.





Then I began to add ink.





tidy and neat or loose?

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11 thoughts on “my sketchbook

  1. they are both beautiful, but i really love what you did with the second one!! maybe because there was the freedom to create "in the moment", a kind of whimsy πŸ™‚

  2. They are incredible, Miss Lori. But I would say that the second one is filled with more life, more freedom, more feeling. It feels very authentic to me. I love the way your mind works!Enjoy the day.Erin

  3. Wow, Lori, you are really a talented lady! I mean, I knew your jewelry was gorgeous (still wearing mine often!), but I didn't realize you could draw and paint so well, too. Very impressive. That kind of freedom and creativity looks like a lot of fun. I don't really have anything in my life like that at the moment.Enjoy!Sue

  4. The ink is beautiful! When I fly, I generally bring a cross-stitch project so I don't have to deal with beads, tools, trays, etc. It's tough to limit myself like that, though.

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