from the studio

After a serious de-cluttering and cleaning session, my studio is beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thought I’d show you around a bit. Function is the name of the game here.

studio waterstone blog


My dad was an artist-wannabe. But alas, an engineer he was and the only evidence of this desire is this lovely paint-by-number painting which is dear to my heart and sits atop the new storage case. Someday I’ll frame it.



the Juki – a.k.a. the monster



This is as clutter free as the worktable gets – neat stacks. My worktable is made from a HEAVY wooden door. The Plyler fellas built the base which includes a large bottom shelf. I’ve tacked a kingsize sheet around the outer perimeter to hide the ugly.


Stacks of leather and baskets of my homemade patterns. There is no way to make this shelf look nice.
I’ve tried. It doesn’t work.



My clip holder (a great way to use the kids art)


possibly a backpack? still haven’t decided


a future leather bag – one of two I have slated


playing with leather patchwork


iPad cutouts


under the table – scrap basket and another basket of recycled structural pieces
That’s it! A work in progress – always.

11 thoughts on “from the studio

  1. It is inspiring to me to see the bright and cheerful place where you create your magic. I love the light that is coming through and the bright colors you have sprinkled throughout. Makes me itch to clear off my clutter and get a new handle on things. I am looking for a cubby type case that I can fit under part of my desk. Right now what I have just isn't working. Thanks for sharing. (And you know I have my eye on that bomber jacket to be made into a purse!)Enjoy the day.Erin

  2. Thanks for showing us around your creative place. My husband is a musician and, I am told creative people NEED to be cluttered or it messes with their creativity?? I am not so sure… my 2 daughters are very creative (one and interior designer & the other a dancer) but both are tidy freaks.I LOVE that machine!!

  3. WOW busy bee over there!You just had to do the whole close up thing of the JUKI. I'm swooning over here. Someday I will locate one in my price range, till then I think I'll make yours my screen saver.

  4. Loved the sneak peak into your studio. Heavy duty door for a table, and kid art holder were great. (i currently have about 6 paperclip/thumbtack holders)Your work in progress pictures of leather and fabric leave me wanting to blow the dust off my own sewing machine.Thanks for sharing,Cheers.

  5. Love your studio, it is very inspiring! Thank you for the tour. The natural light is fantastic. I enjoyed all of the little details too, especially the sneak peek at handbags to be? I also like your white cube organizer. I have the same one in espresso. I could use a few more of them! I am still organizing my studio, don't have all my beads and findings in place but I did get my work table set up. If nothing else, I needed it in place to work on pieces for this weeks blog hops. I did take some before pictures (quite scary) and will post photos once it is completely set up.Happy creating!

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