friday bits


Spring has sprung early in Atlanta and within the past couple of days we’ve seen blooming everywhere.


Oreo, caught in a ray of light…pre nap.


My thrifting find of the week. I’m on a mission to collect at least 5 or 6 of the aged platters.
This is my second.


My first. Love the handles. I’m currently using it as a tray for the large leather ottoman.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Join me on Sunday for I Heart Macro.

5 thoughts on “friday bits

  1. I collect silver pieces. While I wish I could collect sterling, silverplate has to do (other than my sterling flatware). I found a pic on Pinterest with a column of silver trays in a dining room. At last, a way to display my trays (or at least a portion). Collecting silver has nearly become an addiction. It is so hard to find a piece and walk away hence 13 trays, 9 bowls, 7 plates and 14 assorted serving pieces! Enjoy the hunt!!

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