letting go


Boy that title sounds mellow dramatic, doesn’t it? Especially considering the fact that I’m letting go of my HP Touchpad – 32 GB WiFi Tablet Computer. Here are the details.


It’s like new with the original packaging (I’m a packrat) – not a scratch on it. I have a Zagg cover over the front to protect the screen. If you purchased it new with Amazon Prime, it would cose $312.47. It’s selling used on Amazon now starting at $210 for one in “good” condition. I’m offering mine for an incredible price of $180 which includes shipping in the US.


It truly is a fantastic device, as evidenced by the positive rating on Amazon (averaging 4 stars out of 860 reviews) I use it for reading the news, surfing the web, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Have absolutely loved the HP Touchpad.


I’m including the Incase case that I purchased when I got the tablet.


So, if I love it, then why am I selling it? I am an Apple person, I have a Macbook and an iPhone and want to be able to sync all of my devices. It’s as simple as that. Now that I know how much I love the convenience of a tablet, I’ll complete the family with an iPad and selling this will help out with the cost.


It’s SOLD.
Have a great day!

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